Ünlü Almali Makina
Excellence in Over-Wrapping

Ünlü Almali Makina Ltd ® is a leading Turkish manufacturer of Full Automatic Over-wrapping & Bundling Machinery with Tear Tape Applicator & Flow-pack (Pillow Type) Wrapping Machines.

In our web site a briefly technical info is given about our machines together with some machine & product photos. For more details, pls. do contact us, we will be always ready to serve you.


Our AW2003-SF®, AW55-SRV® , AW2003-FF®
® machines are ideal & versatile over wrapping machine that can be supplied with various feeding systems and are used for Over wrapping & Bundling prismatic or cylindrical products either as single packs or in bundle configurations.

Our machines are being utilized in various markets like food, cosmetic, cleanliness, tobacco, pharmaceutical, audio-video & stationery sectors.

We can over-wrap & bundle below products within given dimensions:
  • Soap (Single or Bundle)
  • Biscuits (Square or Oval)
  • Chewing Gum Boxes
  • Perfume & Cosmetics Boxes
  • Waffle
  • Turkish Delight Boxes
  • Tea & Herbs Boxes
  • Tobacco Boxes
  • Medicine Boxes
  • Confectionery Boxes
  • Cassettes
  • CD's & DVD's
  • Detergent Boxes
  • Playing Cards
  • Dates Boxes
  • Paper & Envelope Reams

 Product Outline Dimensions:

- Length : 50 - 320 (L) mm
- Width : 30 - 230 (W) mm
- Height : 10 - 100 (H) mm

- Diameter : 40 - 90 mm (Round Biscuits)
- OPP Length : 120 - 600 mm (OPP Length = ((W+H)x2) + 20 mm)

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